You Don't Have to Solve String Theory to Have Something To Say - Finding Your Niche in Home Baking


This week, on “Things Said That Make Jennifer Stabby…”

“I can get this content for free somewhere else. You don’t have anything new to say.”

“I can learn how to make cookies/do accounting/make a nuclear reactor off the internet. I don’t need in-person classes.”

“There are already too many home bakers out there. The market is saturated.”

No shit, Sherlock.

There are over 3 million Young Living distributors selling the exact same thing. I have my favorite seller.

I know of at least 20 cookiers selling tipless piping bags. I only order from one.

And I have a personal dislike for some reeeeeally popular folks in our business. I don’t spend my money with them.

Rachel Hollis of “Girl, Stop Apologizing” fame has sold millions upon millions of books. Her live events sell out in hours. She travels the country speaking about…things other people have already said. I ADORE Rachel Hollis and love everything she stands for, but I don’t read her books because I’ve already worked on those areas in my journey to self-improvement. You know who HASN’T worked on those things? Her millions of fans. There are many, many people out there who connect with her, love the way she is saying old information in a new way, and are CHANGING THEIR LIVES based on, when it comes down to it, not new info. They pay for her books, listen to her podcasts, and attend her events with rabid enthusiasm.

Here’s the thing: Sometimes you need to hear the same thing from someone new. And sometimes you spend your money with someone just because…

You like them.

I would pay many, MANY dollars to avoid having to watch educational videos. I read very quickly and can finish a book in half the time it takes you to say what you need to say. Just because that same info is available in free video form, I will buy the book to avoid the video. Does that mean the book author was wasting their time because that information already exists? NO. I may connect with that author more than I would ever connect with the video creator. Maybe the video has an annoying music track, or I don’t like the creator’s accent. Who cares?!? If I’m willing to buy the book, other people will too.


Along the same lines, there are approximately 45 fried chicken restaurants in my tiny area of town. It would seem that there are more chicken wings than people at this point. While I for one prefer tacos, my husband was SUPER EXCITED when Popeye’s became the newest addition to our collection of restaurants. Despite chicken being…still chicken, he likes the way they do it better. And he’s willing to pay for it.

So listen up folks. Just because your passion project exists out there in some form or another, does NOT MEAN that you can’t put your spin on it. There is nothing new under the sun. Don’t let that stop you. Someone somewhere needs YOUR UNIQUE SPIN, your particular expertise in whatever you have to say or how you make your particular thing. Can people learn it or buy it somewhere else? Sure! But plenty of folks will connect with what you say or do because of the way YOU say and do it. You do you, and ignore the folks who are always going to be willing to shoot you down, but unwilling to do the damn work themselves.