It's Not Me, It's You: Fighting Distractions in Home Bakery Marketing


I missed most of my marriage proposal.

We were heading to West Texas to meet his entire family for the first time. I was frantically packing after work, worried about making his mother like me (she’s a saint and loves everyone, BTW), totally distracted. Will was hanging out “helping,” chatting while I packed.

I’m fairly certain it started with “You know I love you…” and then I totally zoned out. I had five million things to do that day and just wasn’t paying attention. And then I turned around and he was all down on one knee and I of course said yes. And then asked him to repeat the entire speech. Which he couldn’t, because he was so nervous he’d already forgotten it.

Fortunately marriage success isn’t based on the romantic nature of the proposal (way to go on the location selection, buddy), and we’re still happily married 14 years later. But here’s the deal. I DEFINITELY wanted to hear what he had to say. I was excited about it! Eager to see it happen! But I almost missed it in the business of day to day life.

When your ideal clients aren’t responding like you wish they would to your marketing, DON’T GIVE UP. They may really REALLY want your product. They may even have a specific date and need in mind. But they’re busy! They’ve got a thousand and one distractions every day.

Your job as a business is to gently get down on one knee day after day, week after week, and remind them what you do, why you do it, and provide quality content that enriches their lives so that when they have a chance to glance up from their crazy lives, you’re the one in front of them proposing.

This looks like consistency. This looks like authenticity, and tenacity, and providing valuable content that meets a need and touches a pain point for your ideal client, and speaks to them where they are. This looks like showing up, and figuring out what works and what doesn’t, what your clients respond to and what they don’t care about. This takes time, and practice, and fortitude. Because it’s a relationship between you and them, and you love them, and they love you, when they remember you. It’s not you. It’s them. Don’t resent them, and don’t hold it against them. Love them where they are, stay true to yourself, and stand out in the crowd by being the best version of you that they already know and love. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself when they finally pay attention.

And maybe pay attention the first time if someone happens to say “You know I love you…”