That time someone was mean to me...


Once upon a time, someone shit on me.

She was a big shot, and I was a little fish. But she didn’t like that I was in the same business as her and up in her space, so she kicked me out, said some ugly things, and said that I would understand when it happened to me.

Screw allllll that.

So I’ve been waiting for quite some time to get back at her.

Today I got my chance.

Someone asked me very graciously about starting an education program, wanting to include me in it, talking about the cottage food law and encouraging more people to become legal home bakers. I could tell she was trying hard to not step on my toes, not encroach on my business, not steal my customers.

So I told her YOU GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF, GIRL. You don’t need me. You don’t need my permission. You feel free to take the content I put into the universe, put your own spin on it, and go enrich people’s lives. And if you’re more successful at it than I am? Then teach me your ways, oh master! There is enough business for everyone in this world.


So you can just suck it, big shot lady.

It happened to me.


Next step: Stop wishing she’d get hit by a car after her bakery slowly and expensively fails.

Baby steps, right?