Maybe She's Born With It - Confronting the Myth of Talent


In this great day of Social Media Comparison, it’s easy to look at incredibly successful bakers and decorators and almost… write them off as some freak unicorn that was naturally born with amazing talent. “Well OBVIOUSLY they were going to succeed. Look at how amazing they are!”

I’ll tell you a little secret: Their talent got them

started… and then they learned.

Because let’s be honest… they weren’t born with what it took to succeed. Just like you weren’t.

Maybe their natural talents got them a bit further down the road than you are now. But at some point, they didn’t have what it took to get them to the next level in their career. They completely lacked the skills that they needed to get to where they wanted to be.

So they learned them. They became the person that the next level required. Complete with a few meltdowns crying and eating chocolate in their closet as they hyperventilated a bit about how they weren’t good enough.

You are totally right. You don’t have what it takes to

get to the next milestone.

Neither did they.

So let’s quit idolizing all these people who would certainly not want you to do that. That’s on us. Let’s look at them as #goals, because you too can do that.

Admit you don’t have what it takes.

Figure out what it takes to get there.

And do the damn work.