Haters Gonna Hate - Facing Conflict in Your Home Bakery

The girls and I were heading out the door. One of them grabbed a plastic water bottle and I told her to grab a reusable one, because it’s better for the environment. She stared at me and asked, since when was I so gung-ho about saving the environment? I told her that I was trying to change, because if you weren’t growing, you’re dying. More staring. “You’re so weird, Mom.” :)

The fact is, people are going to think you’re weird when you start growing outside their expectations. Either you’re not the person they became friends or lovers with, or your growth is triggering a sense of guilt in them. Or they think that your desire to grow and change indicates a sense of unhappiness with your current state, that you want to move beyond everything that currently is, to something new. And there are people who just WILL NOT LIKE IT when you start to become the person you want to be.

You do not owe a THING to these people. You don’t owe an explanation as to why your prices are going up, or why you changed your logo, or your name, or your products. By all means, make your journey a part of your story, and share it with your customers. Everybody loves a story! But don’t waste one minute on the folks who will hate you for being, well, YOU, or at least the best version of you that you are becoming. These may be the people who are not growing themselves, who are busy dying instead of living. Our economy and business structures are changing faster than ever, and only innovators will survive. Do NOT let anyone tell you that that won’t work because no one else is doing it, or that nobody will buy that because that’s not the way things are done. I’m calling bullshit on allllllllll that. You do you. And don’t you DARE apologize for being in a season of growth. You’re amazing, and brave, and honest, and true to yourself. You’re doing scary things that few are bold enough to try. Don’t let the cowards get you down.